she's amazing

Keira is so amazing.
yesterday i just sat and held her for about 3 hours. i didn't do anything else. just looked at her. talked to her. watched her. it probably sounds boring and unproductive to you. unproductive? maybe. boring? nope. just the opposite. I LOVE THIS!
(i want to start video blogging all this a little more again...)

she is so WIDE EYED with wonder. all the time. i love that.

her eyes are so full of life and expectation. & i have this strong feeling inside of me of not wanting her to be disappointed. i want life to live up to those expectations.

she's always looking around everywhere at everything so interested. she's seeing and experiencing everything for the 1st time! it's crazy. and i'm getting to watch her see and experience everything for the 1st time. i look forward to doing that for years and years.

she's turning her head on a swivel. if she could turn it around backwards to look back there she definitely would.
i want her to explore that curiosity so bad - so i turn her around to help her see what's behind her.

it seems like she will have a lot to say when she is able to talk. i can just see it in her eyes.

she looks up into my eyes these days. and when she does, my heart does something it's never done before. it feels like it's never felt. 

and then she just falls asleep on my chest. and i just look at her. sometimes her arms and hands are draped around me.
and i just watch.

she's amazing. even her little fingers are amazing. yesterday i teared up just looking at her fingers. i know, i know, i'm a sap. but i couldn't help it.

she's just so amazing.