Cain Drops in Polls, Harassment Stories Disappear?

Obviously, friends, that question mark in the title is dripping with sarcasm. I told you when the story first broke that this was nothing more than a media hit job.  Now that Herman Cain has dropped out of the top two candidates in most polls, all of a sudden, the News Media couldn't care less about Herman Cain or allegations of sexual harassment.

I told you when this story broke that it was nothing but a high-tech lynching of Herman Cain. Now that the Drive-By Media thinks they've succeeded, they've moved on. If it was really about a search for the truth, do you think it would've stopped?  Of course not.  They'd continue to hammer this story until justice was done.  Yet this story has been pushed aside in favor of going after the newest conservative on the rise, Newt Gingrich.

The Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations, which by the way would never have stood up in court, are now old news.  Don't be fooled, my friends, if Herman Cain starts rising int he polls again they will come back out.  And if that happens, I want you to remember today, when it's a nonstory again (as it always should have been).

The truth stands:  The Drive-By Media doesn't want a conservative as the Republican nominee because that will give a real choice between Barack Obama and the GOP nominee.  They definitely don't want a black conservative, because that eliminates the vote with your guilt types who voted for Obama to prove they weren't racist.  That was always what the allegations directed at Herman Cain were about.  The fact that those allegations went away as soon as Cain dropped in the polls proves it.

Finally, to you who prefer someone other than Cain and thus jumped on this bandwagon, once again I guarantee you that your guy will get the same treatment if he or she becomes the top candidate.  If your favorite is Mitt Romney, be certain it will not happen in the primaries, but if and when he's nominated, but rest assured it will happen.

Media bias is proven once again.  Who's shocked?