No, Rick Perry Wasn't Drunk...Move On

Last week, Texas Governor and Presidential Candidate Rick Perry gave a speech in New Hampshire.  Now the liberal media attack machine is claiming that Perry "must have been drunk" during the speech.  Apparently since the attacks regarding the former name of a ranch that the Perry family owns (and renamed due to the offensive slur) (1) didn't land, now they're going to claim Perry must've been drunk when he gave the speech.

Now I won't tell you Perry is the most polished speaker.  He isn't.  But that doesn't equate drunkeness.  At all. Other descriptions called the speech "rambling and incoherent."  Actually, he sounds like a good old boy Texan, and to quote a favorite movie, "just because he talks slow doesn't mean he's stupid."  He also sounded like he was trying to present a similar, off the cuff, regular guy style like Herman Cain.  (Did he do it well?  No.)

Friends, I listened to the entire wasn't rambling and incoherent.  (I grant you, it sounded a lot more incoherent when I sat down and WATCHED the speech rather than listening to it without images.) However, there were actually some great moments presenting great conservative ideas. Not only are you not going to think Perry was drunk, you may actually become excited about his ideas.   I encourage you to watch the entire speech:


Now this never happens when a liberal makes a fool out of themselves.  Was Howard Dean said to be drunk in 2004?  Goodness no! Now ask me, what seems more like a man drunk or on drugs?  Perry above, or this:


How about rambling?  Do you want to hear a rambling, incoherent speech?  Listen to what President Obama sounds like when he goes off the teleprompter.


Now THAT was incoherent.

In the last few days, we've seen the Drive-By Media go all out at two of the most conservative candidates available in the Republican Primary, Herman Cain (5) and Rick Perry.  The truth is the left is terrified of a real conservative...they know that it would mean not only the end of Obama's presidency, but also a huge setback for liberalism, because real conservatism not only wins every time it's effectively communicated, but it works every time it's tried.  They don't want people to see how well conservatism works, so they break out false attacks on conservatives.  They used to get away with it...not anymore.


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