Here Comes Newt Gingrich

I spent many months in my post-debate analysis posts saying that if Newt Gingrich ever became a real contender in the Republican Primary race, I'd be excited to get behind him.  Over the last two weeks, Gingrich has moved into first or second place in many polls of registered Republican voters and has even taken over first place in the Public Policy Polling Institute's most recent poll

For those of us who remember the 1994 Republican Revolution, this change is not surprising.  Many of us thought then that Gingrich could be a transformational, Ronald Reagan type conservative for the next generation.  Now it seems like Newt is getting his shot to do just that.

Why I absolutely love the idea of Gingrich being our nominee is twofold:  One, he is the real architect of the mid to late 90s booming economy (not Bill Clinton, regardless of what liberals tell you); and two, he would hand Barack Obama his the debates in October of 2012.

Now I know the Drive-By Media is going to try to tear him down.  They're going to repeat the old narrative that Gingrich "divorced his first wife (in 1980) while she was on her death bed."  Now, for the record, this woman is STILL ALIVE 30 years later, so clearly she wasn't on her death bed, and Newt's daughter Jackie has officially set the record straight about what happened between her father and mother.

For the record, the divorce was already in progress, and it was Jackie Battley Gingrich, NOT Newt, who requested the divorce.  But hey, when has the truth ever slowed the Drive-By Media?  Just look at what's been done to Herman Cain...shaded claims by nameless individuals and one person who had a history of claiming sexual harassment whenever she didn't get her way have been treated as gospel truth. I guarantee you the Drive-By Media hits on Newt Gingrich that have already begun will get worse.

The Drive-By Media doesn't want strong conservatives. They want Diet Coke Party Republicans who will play the "compromise" game whenever they are in power then accept Democrat rule when Democrats are in power. So they will come after any conservative...anyone really who is remotely conservative...and Newt qualifies.  Be prepared for unnamed sources and "the seriousness of the charge is more important than the nature of the evidence."

That being said, Newt is emerging now and he is picking up support from the Tea Party and other conservatives.  I'm not surprised.  Newt was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.   He lead Congress to four straight balanced budgets as Speaker of the House.  Despite what some might think about the Tea Party, specifically that we're only going to back "our own people," we don't really care where you're from if you support conservatism, small government, and personal responsibility. (See: Michelle Bachmann, who is a Tea Party conservative who was in office before the Tea Party came into being.)

Newt's 21st Century Contract with America is packed with great conservative principles, including repealing Obamacare, cutting the Corporate Tax to 12.5% to encourage businesses to stay in America and return, a 15% Flat Tax, and repealing Obamacare (if the Supreme Court doesn't do that first) and other burdensome regulations. (For those of you who have asked, yes, I will do a post with an in-depth analysis of the 21st Century Contract with America as soon as I have time to properly do the research.)

Newt Gingrich is the new conservative who is rising.  I think he might be the best conservative in the race, and I know he's the one candidate who, above all, can beat Obama soundly in debates.  Just be prepared:  we're going to have to defend him against false claims, semi-true claims, and rehashes of stories from 10 or more years ago about a man who has been repentant of his past sins.  Be ready, my friends, but here comes Newt Gingrich.