Tea Party Meeting in Rochester, NY Results in ZERO Arrests

On Saturday, November 5th at 4:00 pm, We Surround Rochester, a local Tea Party group that is part of the 9-12 Project, met for their monthly meeting at Bathtub Billy's Restaurant, located at 630 Ridge Rd W Rochester, NY 14615 USA.  The topics discussed included the history of Veterans Day and also participation in Glenn Beck's Mercury One charitable organization. The group concluded their meeting, payed for their meals, left tips and cleaned up after themselves.

More importantly:  No one was arrested. A simple google search of news articles "Arrests at 912 Meeting in Rochester NY" returned zero stories. A second google search of news articles "Rape accusations at 912 Meeting in Rochester NY" also returned zero results.

As a part of my dilligence for this post, I made a phone call to Bathtub Billy's and spoke to an employee who was present on Saturday at the meeting. When I asked him if there had been any arrests at the meeting, he laughed at me and said "No, there has never been an arrest," and noted that the group "always peacably demonstrates."  In speaking with a fellow member of the group I was told that he "would willingly leave a $20 bill on the table at a We Surround Rochester meeting and trust that it would be there at the end of the night."

Why does this matter?  Well, the Drive-By Media is telling us how the Occupy Protests are the liberal Tea Party, aren't they?  So let's look at the same google search as it pertains to Occupy Rochester:  A google search of "Occupy Rochester Arrests" shows stories where 32 people and 16 people were arrested on different days at Occupy Rochester protests in the first three articles listed.

As far as rape accusations, there have been zero at Occupy Rochester, for the record, however, Occupy Wall Street has seen quite a few rape accusations surface.  And I'm pretty sure a wise individual wouldn't leave a $20 bill lying out at one of those protests.

Yet the Left wants you to believe that the Occupy Protests are the Liberal Tea Party.  Here's one example of how it isn't:  Zero arrests in over 100 meetings from We Surround Rochester.  Compare that to dozens over a few days at Occupy Rochester.

No, the Occupy Protests aren't the equivalent of the Tea Party...the Tea Party doesn't get arrested, protests peacefully, doesn't wreck the streets, and doesn't have rapes.  Can't say that for Occupy Protests, can you?