Seriously, PETA? Mario Brothers?

Today we take a look at mybox filled with stories so very silly that I feel the need to comment on them just to deal with how headache inducingly silly they are:  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is now complaining about Mario, the video game plumber who gave me hours of joy in childhood, is complaining about Mario's use of the "Tanooki Suit" in his latest game,  Super Mario 3D Land (1). 

Aside from being in the category "you can't make this stuff up" right next to the Jerry Sandusky ice cream flavor at the Penn State Creamery, this is one of those stories that explains just how crazy some on the Left genuinely can be.  Let's start with the basics:  PETA, you are aware that this is a video game, and that Mario is wearing the ultimate in faux's digital animation!  Also, I'm pretty sure actual tanuki racoon dog doesn't receive it's fur or skin from eating a magical leaf.

The specifics of PETA's claim is that the Tanooki suit "encourages wearing fur."  Even if we're assuming that adults who can afford real fur coats are taking fashion advice from a video game plumber (a silly leap of logic but what the heck this whole story is silly), PETA still misses the big point: We don't care.  Despite PETA's attempts to claim that all fur coats are obtained by using inhumane means, in America animals used for food or clothing are humanely slaughtered.  To those who say "would you want someone wearing YOUR skin?" my response is no, but then again I'm a human being.  I have greater value than an animal. 

I am created in the image of Almighty God, as are all human beings. That's why both the Bible and secular governments recognize significantly different penalties for killing a human and killing an animal.  Killing a human, outside of war, self defense, execution for a crime, etc, is punishable by death or life imprisonment.  Killing an animal is usually punished with a fine, and certainly not with the death penalty or life imprisonment.  This is the reason why I continue to fight to see abortion of unborn humans erradicated from our nation but enjoy a plate of eggs every Saturday for unborn human is a person with rights.  An unborn chicken is just an animal, and whether I'm choosing to eat that chicken in egg form or as chicken, it's food.

Honestly, why is PETA choosing right now to bring this up anyway?  Were you concerned that another group of Leftwing Radicals were taking your place as the craziest group in America?  I mean, the Tanooki Suit first appeared in a game 21 years ago (2) and you're just now getting around to complaining?  For crying out loud, Super Mario Brothers 3 was one of the most popular games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System...did you not have a Nintendo or something?  What took you so long?

Seriously, this is one of the silliest stories I've read in a while, even from PETA.  When I Leftwing group makes Obama's policies seem sane by comparison, you know they're bad. 

(1) PETA goes after Mario and his Tanooki suit

(2) Super Mario Bros. 3