an anniversary of sorts

5 years ago last month (December 2007) we began our journey into a Total Money Makeover.

crazy to think it's been that long. 5 years ago last month was our 1st ever month with a "Dave Ramsey" budget. we started baby step 1 & got on with this crazy awesome journey.

so when we hit Christmas a week ago we realized it was our 5 year anniversary. emotions hit like thankful (that we stumbled onto it & followed it), joy (because of where it set us up to be now), etc...

in honor of that anniversary, this weekend i'll be reposting 2 posts i wrote a couple years ago called "our journey with the plan" which basically documents our story with the Dave Ramsey financial plan. the ups and downs. laughs & tears & even violence :)

if you have no idea what i'm even talking about - maybe check out the next couple posts.

since those posts we've moved onto steps 4, 5, & 6... 15% retirement, College fund funded for Keira, & throwing everything at paying off our home.
slowly but surely coming along.

thankful for Dave starting his whole gig. thankful we were at Catalyst '07 when he presented it. thankful for God's grace to start the plan & stick with it.
thankful for an amazing wife who stuck with me through it even though it has never been easy.

happy 5 year anniversary, babygirl. hopefully it's starting to come good :)