we'll never have all the answers

just venting a little...

i guess it bothers me when people think, act, and talk like they have all the answers. i'm thinking specifically in the realm of faith, church, Christianity, religion, etc...

i think these kinds of people and institutions -- who claim to have the whole truth figured out -- are doing a lot more damage than they realize.
because it makes people feel like if their church doesn't satisfactorily provide all the answers to all the questions of life, then it's all a hoax.

i know some Christians who would say that the questions i have about God and spirituality are blasphemous.

but i believe that to say we have God & faith all figured out is blasphemous.

that's why it's called faith. you just can't have answers to all your questions.
it's all bigger than our piddly little minds can handle.

if we think we can summarize God in our neat little systematic theologies then we're fooling ourselves -- because we've made God into something He's not.

The moment we "figure God out" with nice neat lines and definitions, we are no longer dealing with God.  We are dealing with somebody we made up.

hey Christians -- let's stop making stuff up.
just be honest & say we don't have a definitive answer for this or that. we never will.
it's ok. the whole thing won't topple.

we'll just be finally being honest.

i think i heard somewhere that God actually digs that.