questions aren't a problem

in a lot of circles, asking questions is a bad thing.

i'm sure some teachers get really tired of all the Questions certain students may ask.

in some areas asking Questions can get you killed, i'm sure.

i'm sure children are annoying to parents or siblings with the sheer amount of questions they ask.

unfortunately, in most Christian circles and churches, they don't like people asking a lot of questions. sure, they might say they do, but they don't. they hate it.

i can't remember, did the Pope like it when Galileo was poking around asking questions about the galaxy with his telescope? 

Christianity and religion seem to suppress the innocent question asker. Like "how dare you ask such a question!"

because for them, asking a Question shows doubt. and in these Christians' minds there is no room for doubt in the life of faith.

but i believe God has plenty of room for doubt. i think God is always comfortable with our questions. in fact, He welcomes them... just waiting for us to ask.

and a Christian shouldn't avoid the questions, they should embrace them.
if someone is REALLY pursuing the way of Jesus then you better believe they will have some questions. we should see a need for questions.

Questions aren't scary.  What is scary is when people don’t have any.   

i happen to think that a faith with no room for questions is probably not a legitimate faith at all.

a middle school student i've been privileged to hang out with recently asked a great question = "Is God a boy or a girl?" i love it. that's a great question. this student had no church or religious background at all. i love that kind of innocent/raw question.

These kinds of Questions, no matter how shocking or seemingly blasphemous or arrogant or ignorant or raw, are rooted in humility.  A humility that understands that I am not God & i certainly don't have Him figured out. there is more to know.

but there are many Christian institutions and churches and circles that assume we do have it all figured out. that to ask questions is to challenge God Himself.

i've been in many "Christian" places and churches where i wouldn't dare ask questions i had or mention that i may be questioning a certain dogma. that's the quickest ticket to "excommunication".

in fact i had a good friend who was literally kicked out of a seminary for asking questions. the same questions that probably every single one of us have asked in our lifetime. but i guess you just don't ask those questions at that seminary.

in the moment, i can't think of many things more oppressive than having a burning question and not being able to ask it.

ask your questions. it is freeing.
if people look at you funny or ostracize you for asking... find some different people.

the questions are good.
God will never be bothered by our questions.