and it's all free

a couple days ago i was thinking about what i wrote HERE and HERE. basically the idea that we can see the invisible nature of God by looking at the beauty in nature.
so, i was doing just that while chillin on my back deck - enjoying the beauty... practicing some silence & solitude...

& here's the crazy thing

this is the thought that struck me...

all of this - all this beauty God made is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

i can just look around and enjoy all of this absolutely stunning, gorgeous creation for FREE!!!

i mean, most awesome stuff you have to pay for to enjoy - a movie, a game, a book, dinner, a beautiful art show, a concert, beautiful images on a TV, etc...

but this beauty... this beauty that is revealing the very nature of who God is... is absolutely free. [which is cool because i run a pretty tight budget at my house :) ]
(maybe that even tells us something about His nature? but maybe not, that is probably just me thinking too long about it.)

maybe this was just a weird thought as i sat for about an hour in silence simply pondering the beauty surrounding me & letting God reveal His very self to me through that beauty. but i was reveling in it.

God revels in his creation.
so should we.

that glorifies any creator when you revel in and enjoy/take pleasure in their creation.

a lot of those creators just charge $ to enjoy it.

not this Creator.