do you hate your job?

i actually began writing this post 5 years ago!
crazy, eh?

i have a few hundred half written blogs from the past 5 years just waiting to be tweaked, finished, and posted. i figured i better get at it before they're all completely irrelevant.

basically i started writing this post 5 years ago for the same reason i decided to finish and post it today. a lot of people i know HATE their job.
or, maybe they wouldn't say they hate it, but they say stuff like:

"it pays the bills."

"at least i have a job."

"once you get in to this industry it's tough to do anything else."

and on & on & stuff like that.
sounds pretty miserable to me.

life is too short for that mess.

we spend an incredible amount of time at our jobs. what a waste if we don't love that portion.

now i know there are seasons where we simply need to be thankful to have ANY job - for sake of an income. i get it. i've been there. i've had multiples of those all at once :)

but it's no good to be in that season for long.

i LOVE my job @ ridge. back when i wrote this 5 years ago i talked about how fun my job is because our staff team had just gone to Dave & Busters and acted like little kids for a day. in our old office we had some wii & xbox tourneys & then there were the infamous and spontaneous Foosball games that would break out pretty much every day.
(that is 1 thing i miss about our office - the Foosball every day.)

without an office for the past couple years some of those kind of things disappeared but i actually love my job even more.
and i think i love my job for the same reasons as everyone else who love their jobs = what you're doing & who you're doing it with.
and one or the other can make or break it.

i've got a lot more to dive into on that note, BUT i can see my post is already getting pretty long. (just like they used to always do 5 years ago.)
so, let me take a break and post the rest tomorrow.

for now, if you hate your job... maybe consider how long you're going to stick with that job?
& i hope, for your sake, it's not too long.