my fav new songs at Passion 2013

Some of the songs bouncing in students' hearts this year as Passion 2013 ended today. the newest words the great worship leaders from sixsteps have penned for us to sing to God...
   (Did this a couple years ago for Passion 2010 HERE and HERE)
great stuff... (posted my fav from Crowder yesterday)
i hope The Church enjoys singing these for years to come...

Shout (Let Justice Roll) - Chris Tomlin
We shout, shout for Your kingdom come
Shout, shout and the walls fall down
Our God be praised, whoa oh oh oh
We shout, shout to the ends of the earth
Shout, shout until You return
Our God be praised, whoa oh oh oh

You're the friend of the ones forgotten
You fight the cause of the weak and broken
Let justice roll like a river, let justice roll like a river, let justice roll...

Someone's gonna dance for the first time
Someone's gonna run to freedom
Hear the music, here it comes

Only Jesus - Matt Redman

Who has the power to raise the dead
Who can save us from our sin
He is our hope, our righteousness
Jesus, only Jesus
Who can make the blind to see
Who holds the keys that set us free
He paid it all to bring us peace
Jesus, only Jesus

Holy, King almighty Lord
Saints and angels all adore
I join with them and bow before
Jesus, only Jesus

Who can command the highest praise, who has the name above all names
You stand alone, I stand amazed Jesus, only Jesus

You will command the highest praise, yours is the name above all names
You stand alone, I stand amazed, Jesus, only Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus  

Once and For All - Chris Tomlin

Once and for all the Father's love
He is the light in the darkness
He took on flesh and took our place
The weight of the world on His shoulders
The weight of the world on His shoulders

We believe our God is Jesus
We believe that he is Lord
We believe that He has saved us
From sin and death once and for all

Once and for all our debt is paid, there on ths cross it is finished
The Lamb of God for us was slain
Up from the grave He is risen, up from the grave He is risen

Jesus, Jesus, God from God, light from light, You are our Salvation
Jesus, Jesus, God from God, light from light, Your kingdom is forever

We Glorify Your Name - Christy Nockels

Maker of the heavens, master of the seas
Mover of the mountains, Majesty

We glorify Your name, We glorify Your name
We glorify Your name in all the earth

Awesome God in power, author of my life, All consuming fire, alive, alive!

You are seated on a throne of praise, Unto You alone let our voices raise

My Delight is In You (Draw Me Close)

My delight is in You Lord
On your word I set my heart
You are peace, You are calm for my restless soul
Lord you light my way through the dark

I want to know you even more
Holiness is my desire
Purify, burn in me, come and make me clean
You refine me in Your fire

Here I am, open arms, draw me close to your heart
You're my life, You're my refuge
My delight, my delight is in you

You're the trasure I have found
You're the rock where I stand, You will not be moved
All my life is in Your hands 

Let It Shine (It's a New Day)

It's a new day, everything changed when Your love came into the darkness
You sent the light of the Son

Wake up, open your eyes, no longer dead, we are alive
Rise up children of light, open the doors, go let it shine

There is freedom in your kingdom
For You Jesus we will be dancing, this is Your song

Song for the broken, let it shine
Into the shadows, let it shine
Hope for the whole world, let it shine
Let it shine!