Kenya revisited

2 years ago Crystal and i were able to go serve for a month in a couple parts of Kenya in East Africa. it was an amazing time for us and it's been cool to look back on that adventure from time to time via pictures, memories, journals, & my blog.

i actually blogged every single day we were in Kenya about what we were doing, experiencing, and thinking.

i was doing that so that our friends and family who were here in America could journey with us via the blog. but since we've been back home from Kenya it's been awesome to read those blogs as sort of another way of remembering our adventures there.

so, as i look back on those posts this year, i'm planning to "re-post" those blogs here on renown throughout the year. my goal in 2013 is to post a blog every single day. i would love for it all to be fresh content but that's not completely realistic. so, some days i may post something from our time in Kenya... which are really some of my favorite blogs.

i hope you enjoy re-living the experiences with me.