Fiscal Cliff Deal Proves Two Big Points for Right

If you read Biblical Conservatism last week, you saw my take on the big Fiscal Cliff deal: It's a joke.  A pathetic game of make-believe by Washington liberals that the problem is lack of revenue, not excessive spending, enabled by cowardly Republicans who were afraid to be blamed again (we were blamed anyway).

That being said, two important conservative points have either now been made or will be made as a result of this deal.  

The point that the Left has unwittingly conceded is this: Apparently the Bush Tax Cuts weren't just "tax breaks for the rich" since, according to the liberal talking points, only the top 2% constituted the rich. Considering the Left now wants to trumpet how they "cut taxes" for the middle class, aka 98% of taxpayers, clearly the Bush Tax Cuts WEREN'T just for the rich. Apparently 98% of the people whose taxes were cut were in the Middle Class. JUST LIKE REPUBLICANS SAID IN 2000!!! Oops. 

For the record, at this point, no taxpayer is seeing their taxes were cut, except in the baloney jargon of Washington where your official tax rates that you never paid that were in place for a day mean more than the tax rates that were in place by twelve years. If you pay taxes and you are in that bottom 98%, your tax rates are staying the same as they have been now for twelve years. They haven't been cut.

The second point is this: The Left now has their revenues. Supposedly, they've claimed all they want is a "balanced approach" which combines new revenue with cuts. They've got their revenue increase. They've said that if we gave them revenue, they'd cut spending. Where are the cuts in spending? (Spoiler: There won't be any real cuts from Democrats that aren't forced by Republicans, and if you believe there will be, I've got some ocean front property in Idaho to sell you.)

So let's see the other half of President Obama's "Balanced Approach" yes? Oh wait, there's more spending not less in the bill...and the President has no intention of making real cuts.  As always, President Obama's spending plans are as balanced as a single person sitting on one end of a teeter-totter.

Here's the simple fact. The Fiscal Cliff deal was a joke, just as I wrote last week. But it does involve two points proven. Apparently the 2001 and 2003 Bush Tax Cuts WEREN'T just for the rich. Apparently 98% of the people who got their taxes cut weren't rich, according to the Left's own language. Two, the Left has their "increased revenue." 

Now let's see the cuts. 

(I'm not holding my breath.)