happy birthday, Dr. King

happy birthday, Dr. King.

you are a hero.

thank you for all of your sacrifices and for many like you who stood against injustice.

those sacrifices allow us to live in a radically different country from the country you lived in.

i wish you could see it & experience America now. it's not perfect. there is still a lot of racism and prejudice and it makes a lot of us sick... but it's getting better. and it is WAY better than the awful America you had to endure.

thank you for all you did to heal the ugliness and infection among us.

and thanks for setting an example and paving a way for how to do this through LOVE and nonviolence.

we won't forget what you did, or where we have come from. we won't let your sacrifice be in vain.
we wont forget that...

love wins.

in memoriam