thinking Romans out loud on renown

i guess i've basically decided to blog through the book of Romans.

no rules - just me thinking out loud (or on paper... er... uh... blog) about what Paul wrote to the church at Rome.
i'm reading through everything Paul wrote right now anyway. & i'm writing tons of thoughts as i'm reading, so i figured i may as well post some of it.

when i'm done i guess i'll have like my own commentary on Romans, haha.

i'm reading through the new translation The Voice. i LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it. it's an extremely dynamic translation and if i had to use only 1 word to describe it, it would be BEAUTIFUL.

it's been like reading Romans for the 1st time.

last year i read through the gospels twice in The Voice. flipping loved it. i saw things in ways i had never even thought about before. i'll probably write about some of that some time as well. (& now The Voice is finally complete in the whole Bible! OT & NT.)

but for now i'm in Romans & i'll move on through the rest of everything Paul wrote after that.

so i'll basically be blogging through the NT. what I’m really doing is thinking out/ working out my own theology here. It’s good for me. 
i guess, the danger is that I’m doing it here out in the open. (peeps like to hate on theology they don’t like). It could all come back to bite me… bkuz honestly, my views change from day to day on different stuff. I may write this about Romans today, and then change my mind tomorrow :)  not joking. happens all the time.

it’s all so RAW and unprocessed I’m literally thinking it out, working it out AS I WRITE IT. I am doing the processing as I write. Not pre-processed thoughts.

and i enjoy that. i need that.

so be on the lookout for a renown look at Romans. basically that's what i've been doing all week. i already started this on Monday & continued it every day this week. you just didn't know it. 
3 posts & those were just my thoughts on 1 verse - Romans 1:20.

but don't worry, i won't sit that long on every verse :) 
[starting tomorrow with 1:24]