a couple little dreams i have

i have a couple little dreams i was thinking about lately.

*Dream #1:

that one day i'll be standing with my little girl Keira in the middle of an African village.

Maybe Keira is 6 or 7 years old and she's holding my hand.

she looks up at me and says...

"Daddy, you mean this village hasn't always had clean water?"

*Dream #2:

i'm a little older... a grandfather in fact.

i'm probably rockin' some white dreadlocks and a long white flowing beard.

i'm just sitting around with my grandchildren who are like 12, 13, 14 & i'm just telling lots of stories like grandfathers do.

one of my grandchildren has a "eureka" moment and then they look at me incredulously & say...

"hold up Grandpa... you mean there used to be people who didn't have clean water?"


these are the kinds of (day)dreams i have ALL the time. i imagine this stuff all day long. 
it's so real i can almost experience it.
it's so vivid 

i don't know if you can feel the weight of those 2 statements... the weight of those 2 dreams becoming reality. i can. & i am fighting back the tears & this stupid lump in my throat.

the dream that my little girl will be able to stand in a village where people used to die as a way of life because they didn't have water to drink... but now the clean water flows.

the dream that my grandchildren could live in a world where they can't even fathom that there used to be people on planet earth who did not have clean water.

those are beautiful dreams.

those dreams will keep me up tonight for sure.

and most nights until they are reality.