she is adding life to our years

almost one year ago, this is what my little baby girl looked like.

so tiny. sleeping all the time.

now, almost a year later, she is definitely still perfect, but this is a pic from our front porch today.

still small, but not tiny like she once was. definitely not sleeping all the time (although she sleeps a lot... which makes me jealous - just not all the time.)

but just look into that face. look at her face ANY time. she is SO FULL OF LIFE! always. i don't know if i've ever met a person like Keira = full of life all the time.
& i. love. that.

i love it. i hope that never changes. & i hope Crystal and i can "add even more life to her years" as we go along this journey together. i hope this being full of life is the very thing that enables her to live a life worth telling stories about.

and i'm very thankful that Crystal and i have worked hard, been very intentional, and even made sacrifices to soak up every minute of this last year! it has not rushed by. we followed all the advice that we kept hearing = "it goes by in a flash!" so we don't get in a rush and we just soak up and cherish every moment with Keira!
glad we have done that.

because look at that face. so full of life.

no doubt she is adding life to our years.