a tribute to the greatest day ever

Today is the celebration of the greatest day ever.

the ____th anniversary of an epic moment.

a day that would radically change my life for the better + many others.

Crystal Lynn Pagels (maybe better known now as Crystal Mitchell) was born on this day a certain number of years ago. and today it's worth celebrating that occasion!

Crystal is the coolest & most fun person i know. i should know, i get to spend my life with her. i would do anything for her.

and, Crystal, this is always a fun day for me because for the next couple weeks we will actually be the same age :0
you will be just as old as me.

but then i will turn really old & you'll still be young.

and i know some people say that because your birthday is October 30 and Halloween is October 31 that you just barely squeaked by and you were only 1 day from being a witch!

but i think the opposite.

if October 31 is the day for the witch then you came all the way around the calendar, 364 days later. so, you couldn't be farther from a witch. :)

you're actually an angel.

that's what i think.

but for real, i don't know what i would do without Crystal. she has changed my life forever... for the WAY better.

and baby, i celebrate this day with such passion because this day is the greatest day ever to me. this is the most important day of my life. your birthday is even more important than my birthday...
because without you, my life wouldn't be complete.

thanks for being born.
thanks for being amazing.
thanks for being the one who "gets" me.
thanks for being so much fun.
thanks for loving me.
thanks for being born.

Happy Birthday, Crystal!
i love you so very much.