Obama was Petulant, Romney was Presidential

Yes, I know, the Drive-By Media is repeating the meme that "Obama won on points" in last night's debate. However, it also seems to be the consensus by the Drive-By Media that Romney won the debate season.

Joe Trippi put it this way last night on Fox News: "Romney scored six runs in the first debate. In the second Obama scored one run. In the third, another one run. Final Score: Romney 6, Obama 2." (I am paraphrasing.)  Personally, I do not think Obama scored a run.

Rather, I think Obama was a pretentious jerk last night (which, by the way, comes naturally to him).  He acted like a small child who knows everything (even when he doesn't) and talked down to both Governor Romney and the American people. He's so much smarter than everyone, you see, so we should just tryst whatever drivel comes out of his mouth.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, was Presidential. He spoke like the President. He spoke like a leader. He sounded confident in himself. He didn't have to talk down to his opponent to make his points. He didn't have to act like he was smarter than everyone to be perceived as intelligent. He simply WAS intelligent. He passed the Commander-in-Chief test.

"“I think Mitt Romney did something very important to his campaign tonight,” former presidential adviser David Gergen told CNN. “He passed the commander-in-chief test." (Newsmax: Pundits Proclaim: Romney Passes ‘Commander-in-Chief Test’)

Furthermore, even though Drive-By Journalists are saying, once again, that "Obama won on points," focus groups after the debate in swing states stated overwhelmingly they are voting for Romney after this debate. This was the case in the last debate as well.

Frankly, I'm fine with letting Obama win two debates on points, especially since as a whole Romney won debate season (as the Drive By Media is proclaiming). More importantly, I believe Governor Romney has established himself as a reasonable option for American voters. And given their lack of satisfaction with the President, I believe that's all it will take to convince them to vote.