Obama's Class Warfare Has Failed

President Obama has spent quite a lot of this Presidential campaign attacking Mitt Romney as out of touch because he's so wealthy. (Apparently the President's $10 million personal net worth makes him the average citizen.) He's been playing the class warfare game as well...saying the phrase "pay their fair share" so many times that it makes me want to lose my lunch. There's no fiscal reason for this mentality, as some basic math shows that raising taxes 4-5% on the top tax bracket will be as useful to reducing the deficit as attempting to water your lawn using one cup of water.

The question one must ask is this: is it working? No, according to a Gallup Poll from early in the campaign. Of all voters polled, a full 75% said that Romney's wealth made absolutely no difference as to whether or not they intended to vote for him. None whatsoever. An additional 4% of voters said that Mitt's wealth made them MORE likely to vote for him. That was a few months ago, prior to the debates, prior to Governor Romney becoming likable and preferable to the electorate.

Depending on how you look at it, Romney's wealth, or rather how he obtained it (through his own hard work and rising in business) is a big plus. It means he actually has participated in the economy, run a business, and clearly has more of a clue when it comes to fiscal matters than President Obama, who believes that somehow you can take money out of the economy then put it back in and grow the economy.

Bottom line, the majority of the people who are going to complain about Mitt's wealth weren't going to vote for Romney anyway. They're part of Obama's base, specifically the whiney, self-indulgent people who believe society owes them everything their little hearts desire (no, that's not all of Obama's base, just some). The President has absolutely nothing new to say...so he's going right back to the same pages of the liberal playbook.

Unfortunately, the President's record is his own worst enemy. The problem is, as a famous politician said in 2008, "If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things." Who was that? Oh, right. President Obama, accepting the Democratic nomination in 2008.

Now that all the new metaphoric bullets in the political gun have been fired, the President is bringing back old ones. For example, did you know Mitt Romney worked at Bain Captial? (Shocking!) There's nothing left. The Election is six days away, and the President has absolutely nothing left. The class warfare has failed. Mitt Romney is about to be elected our nation's 45th President. Game on.