Ambassador Stevens is Dead, Al Qaeda is Alive, and Obama Lied

I've generally stayed away from talking about the attack on September 11th of this year. It's an election year and my focus has always been politics. But this is something that needs to be said. You've heard Joe Biden's favorite "Bumper Sticker" for the campaign:

Real Obama Bumper Sticker

Well, given this story, I'd like to tell you the bumper sticker I would like to create:

Sketch created by Biblical Conservatism with MS Paint

So what did Obama tell us after this attack? It was a You Tube video. That's what caused the attack. Also it was SPONTANEOUS! It was a spontaneous attack...apparently using rocket propelled grenades, by the way...and just so happened to occur on 9/11. 

Then we found out that it wasn't the video. It was simply 9/11. We also learned it wasn't a spontaneous attack. It was a planned attack. And it wasn't a protest. It was Al Qaeda. Whoops!

Now that this fact has been proven, the story is "we had bad intelligence!" Yes. That story was absolutely accepted by the Drive-By Media when it was the global intelligence community from our nation and others agreed basically universally that Saddam Hussein had WMD, right? Oh.

More news comes out and we learn that Ambassador Stevens had legitimate threats prior to the attack. We find out the embassy essentially begged the White House for more security. They were told no.

So why is it that the Obama Administration lied to us immediately after the attack? Simple. The President has spent months upon months spiking the football about killing Osama Bin Laden (see the above real Obama bumper sticker). The insinuation is "with Bin Laden's death, so died Al Qaeda." Except, that's not what happened.

So, and this is with all due respect to our late ambassador: Ambassador Stevens is dead. Al Qaeda is alive. Vote Romney-Ryan 2012.