Benghazi Should Be a Huge Scandal (But Media has Covered it Up)

I've waited a few weeks to discuss in full detail what happened six weeks ago in Benghazi. Oh, I've mentioned in here and there, but due to a host of issues in my personal life I've waited until now. But I believe the time has come to talk about what has transpired over the last six weeks.

What we have seen, friends is both a complete and utter tale of lies from the Obama Administration and the most inept cover up in political history.  Yes, we all know what the President said the day after the attack...he used the word terrorism. Yes, we got that. But then what happened? He went on the View, he went on David Letterman, he sent various surrogates out on Sunday talk shows; and blamed a video.

They said it was spontaneous. They said it was just a protest that got out of hand. (People usually spontaneously protest with rocket propelled grenades and rocket launchers, right? Right? No?)

Then that story blew up in the President's face. So what did the Drive-By Media do? They've engaged in the cover up. It's the equivalent, as Rush Limbaugh has said over the past couple weeks, is the equivalent of "Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate."

The dominoes keep falling, by the way. The President claimed he didn't know about the attack. Except if he didn't know, that would make him the single most incompetent President in history.  Not mentioning the fact that, if the President did know and did nothing, he's also been the most UNCARING President (given that he has run on how much he cares, this is especially poignant) in history.

My friends, here's the reality that the Drive-By Media is scrambling to cover up: In my opinion, the Obama Campaign made a calculated decision that admitting that Benghazi was a coordinated terrorist attack affiliated with Al Qaeda (who, according to the Obama Campaign is supposedly dead, since we killed Osama Bin Laden) would be akin to losing the President's best argument for his Foreign Policy strength. So they covered it up. They pretended it wasn't real. They blamed a video.

This President, according to many people in the intelligence community, the military, and other individuals in the know, had the opportunity to send in fighter jets and scramble the crowd. Or they could have let the ambassador have United States Marines guarding him instead of local anybodies from Libya. (Heck, our Ambassador to France has Marines guarding him!)

The bottom line is this: President Obama has failed in his first duty; protecting Americans. It's yet another reason why we must elect a new President next week. Period.