i wish i spoke double digit languages

i wish i spoke double digit languages. ya know, just like 10 or 11 or something like that. i think that would be really cool.

maybe that should get added to my bucket list. i meet people in Charlotte every day from a different country. i think it would be awesome to just break off speaking in their mother tongue fluently. i would dig that.

+ i would love to be able to go to those 10 places. do cool stuff there. already speak the language.

maybe one day?

i could get Rosetta Stone? although Rosetta stone probly don't carry the languages i would love to learn.

i seem to pick up on languages fairly quickly. after 2 days in Mexico i didn't speak any more English for a week, only Spanish.
i bought this app before Kenya to teach me Swahili & it worked pretty well. just vocab though, which memorizing vocab is the part that comes easy. my grammar & sentence structure sucked. people got what i was saying though.
i learned Bemba pretty well in college after i spent a summer in Botswana. grammar was a little better because i had a human teacher.
and i was 1 class short of a minor in Greek in college. i definitely was closest to mastering that one. but it was Koine Greek. a dead language. not spoken anymore. so that one wouldn't really count, EXCEPT i spoke it... and even urbanized it with logos ana kunarion, eireina ek, and petra aionion.

that would have been 4 right there + English, so i'd be halfway to my bucket list goal... BUT, i remember VERY LITTLE of any of those languages :(
i guess it's true what they say - don't use it & lose it.

but maybe one day i'll cross the double digit barrier and be fluent in 10 languages. just for fun.