Still Waiting for Barack Obama to do ANYTHING on Benghazi Attacks

Trust me friends, I'm holding my breath.

This is the same President who told us that there would be a retaliation and justice. Of course, this is also the same President who told us that this attack wasn't pre-planned and it was based on a You Tube video that almost nobody has seen. So that's the level of dishonesty with which we are dealing. While we're at it, let's remember this is the same President who told us how killing Osama Bin Laden was the end of the War on Terror.

Oh wait...I forgot. President Obama called the Libyan President and read them the riot act. I'm sure they cowered too, because the mighty Obama said so. They certainly have plenty of reason to be afraid...after all the Obama Administration certainly apologized to the world and to Muslims before the event even happened.

Do you know what the President told the Libyan President? That THEY should do a better job of ensuring our people's safety. I remember the days when Americans protect ourselves. We have the strongest military in the world (for now, anyway). Then again, our Marines on the ground in Libya weren't allowed to carry live ammunition, so there's that.

Friends, you might be inclined to think I'm happy about this (after all, I want us to have a new President in January). But I'm not. I'm sad that we would elect a coward. I'm sad that we would elect a President who would fiddle while our embassies burn.  Moreover, I'm sad that we have a President who continues to claim it was a spontaneous protest due to a You Tube Video, even though we have so much evidence to prove how preposterous this claim is here in the Real World.

But the thing that makes me saddest is the ridiculousness of the Drive-By Media claiming that this makes President Obama seem STRONG on National Security. Or rather the fact that we have a media that would outright lie to us so stringently with a straight face.

What makes me happy is the fact that I frankly do not believe the polls (and their ridiculous sample skews toward Democrats) to show Obama winning. Rather, I believe America has woken up. The shine is off the Obama apple.  And that means a new President in 2012.