Happy Birthday Keira!!!

Happy Birthday to our amazing daughter, Keira!

it's crazy to me that it's been a year since she was born. a whole year old! wow.

a year ago right now we were chillin' at the hospital after Crystal's water broke at 1:17 AM.

**a year ago right now we didn't even know if Keira was going to be a boy or a girl! we hadn't even settled on the name Keira.
in fact, we had only settled on a boy name because we were pretty darn sure our baby was going to be a boy.

i went to bed the night before with a long to-do list of things to prep for our baby's arrival. and i still had a whole month! but by 1:17 AM when that water broke, i realized my month had vanished.

i think Crystal and i would both say that in many ways this has been the best year of our lives.

i've never known anyone like Keira. her love for life is infectious.

looking into her eyes makes me excited and thankful to be a live.

i love experiencing "firsts" with her. i love watching her eyes as she experiences some aspect of life for the 1st time.

and today is her 1st birthday. she'll get spoiled all day long. (ok, so probably not very different than every other day...)
but i'm excited to experience this 1st birthday with her.

because she is perfect. and she's ours.

today i'll write the first of 18 letters to Keira. i decided when she was born that i would write her a letter every year on her birthday and then give them all to her when she turns 18 or some time around there. that's what i'll be writing next.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEIRA! i hope your first year with us was as awesome for you as it has been for us!